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Lionhearted Lunch - Intuitive Astrology

Lionhearted Lunch for conscious leaders and entrepreneurs, is a bi-monthly lunch in Colwood, BC hosted by Transformational Leader, Life & Business Coach Emily Leeb with nourishing food provided by Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral.

Each month we choose a topic to guide our conversation as we nurture and deepen our relationships with each other in honour of creating a greater impact out in the world.

September 30 we are excited to welcome, Billie Logan as our co-host and guide for Lionhearted Lunch.

Billie is a professional Intuitive Astrologer, Tarot reader, and Reiki Master. She provides intuitive, spiritual counselling to many people from all walks of life.

Join us at this amazing Lionhearted Lunch for Conscious Leadership where Billie will provide an overview of what Astrology really is. She will cover why it is relevant for your conscious evolution, and how learning about your Natal chart can assist you in accepting and owning your purpose in this life.
Astrology is an ancient practice that explores the cosmic blueprint that you were assigned, set up perfectly to assist you to express your part through your unique purpose.

Once you’ve registered for Sep 30th's lunch, you can send your birth information (birthday, place and time of birth) to, and you will receive a copy of your personalized chart at the lunch.
We will discuss your dominant element, Sun, Moon and Rising sign. You will also begin to recognize the natural tendencies of your partner, children, clients and other important relationships when you begin to see how much information is provided through understanding this modality.

Astrology is a true gift…a package of clarity, insights, wisdom and so much more. More info can be found at

Divine nourishment is provided by Tom Kral of Nature's Chef.

Early bird pricing for lunch is $62 by July 19.
After July 19, cost for lunch is $70.
To claim your seat, send an etransfer to or message Emily.
Seats are limited (to 11 ppl) and we sold out last time, so register early and claim your seat.