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Stuggling With Your Inner Critic?

  • Central Alberta Training Zone 110-4828 53 Street Red Deer, Alberta Canada (map)


Come and learn about how we are all dealing with a negative voice in our head that stops us from doing things in our lives that bring us joy and fulfillment. We all have an inner critic. We all have an inner critic just like we all have shoes, we are not our inner critics, just like we are not our shoes. It is possible to navigate beyond this sometimes powerful voice and find inside of ourselves a voice that is accepting, patient, compassionate, kind, playful and full of love! Finding this positive, powerful voice is the premise of this workshop!

In this workshop we'll be learning how to take a hold of the negative thoughts that don't serve us. This workshop is about putting you back in touch with the version of yourself that brings you joy and creates happiness. We will learn about the struggle we all have with our inner critic and find out what other options we have by getting in touch with the version of ourselves that is aligned with our values. Our values are what bring us joy and fulfillment in life. Our values are unique to each of us and when we live aligned with them we live a more epic life and we create more rewarding relationships. 

We can all imagine at least one time in our life when we were proud of ourselves, whether big or small, it is within that connection to that version of ourself that the possibility of an epic life begins again. In this workshop we will learn to foster the connection to our positive, more powerful selves. We learn how to work with the voice of the inner critic gain powerful tools to allow us to actually choose which voice we want to listen to. 

Thrive Workshops are a safe and confidential space for people wanting to create a more powerful relationship with themselves. It is for individuals who want more out of life than they are currently experiencing. With new tools, clear intentions and open minds, we are being the changes we want to see in the world.

Join me, Emily on Thursday April 20 at 7pm at the Central Alberta Training Zone for an evening you will not regret attending. 

Cost is $25 at the door or EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of just $20 when you RSVP 'YES' here and pay via EMT (to BEFORE FRIDAY APRIL 7!