Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time” - a quote that perfectly describes how I feel about Emily. We started working together when I was feeling a little lost. Since our first session, the advances in myself, my relationships, my work and my life - have all been, astounding. I attribute much of this progress to Emily’s guidance.

Emily teaches love, compassion, patience and acceptance of ones self and others. She provides a safe space with no judgement, in which to explore the path to living your version of an optimal life. I tend to seek measurable and practical progress. The aforementioned tools helped with motivation, drive, and progress with my own personal and business goals. Emily helps me maintain this mindset, and helps me discover far more with each session. My time with Emily has challenged and forced me to transform into a better version of myself. This evolution and personal growth is testament to Emily’s approach and the work she does. Do your future self a favour and contact her.
— RW
Emily has been a friend, a mentor, my biggest cheerleader and the key to my career independence. In the three months I’ve worked with her, I’ve accomplished things I never thought I would do in such a short time. I started a blog, built a website, got an article published and scored my first 4 clients! More importantly, she has been instrumental in helping me laser focus my energies on the right work that I’ve been called to do. My career has taken a turn that I could have only imagined doing on my own. I’m now a better mother, partner and contributor to the world and it feels great. I’d recommend Em to anyone who is struggling to find themselves, the confidence to make a change (personal, professional or spiritual) or who just needs a positive force to keep them accountable. As Emily will tell you, when we find that which we are passionate about, the success will come. She’s helped me find that but only through leading by example. I look forward to what we will accomplish individually and together in the future.
— Kelly
I’ve been working with Emily for almost six months now, and in that short time I have noticed a significant change in myself as a person. I strongly believe that a person can and will only change when they are ready and I am incredibly grateful to have found Emily at this time in my life when I was ready for this change.
She has inspired me to be the best version of myself, to dream big, to reach and achieve my goals, and that no goal is unreachable. She has inspired me to truly believe in myself and that I am capable of anything I want in life.
Emily is kind, sincere, compassionate and unbelievably inspiring. She is so easy to talk and open up to and there is never any judgment between us.
If you’re looking for someone to inspire you and to guide you to be the best version of you in every aspect of your life - Emily is your girl. She is truly amazing at what she does and I hope that she will inspire you as much as she has for me.
— Mara Thompson
I didn’t truly understand the value of life coaching until I experienced my sessions with Emily Leeb. The power of actively working on my aspirations, with the intuitive guidance of Emily, has allowed me to take what matters in my life to the next level of participation and results. Having someone provide the right tools, in the right moment when you are in the process of figuring things out is invaluable. I appreciate and value the wisdom and grace that Emily brings to our sessions.
— Billie-Jean Logan
I have worked with Emily for close to a year. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Emily has helped me identify and define my values which has lead to a more clear understanding of myself and enabled me to get clear on what I wanted in life. I have since left my job and started 2 businesses. Emily has been a great facilitator and guide throughout this transition and most importantly has helped me build the tools to create the commitments I want to keep.
— FL
Emily has provided me great tools to cope with negative thoughts and how to look towards a more positive future.
— Anonymous
I’ve had many therapists throughout my life but never have I gotten so much from what Emily has given me. Onward and upward.
— AR
Emily is insightful, direct and possesses a keen sense of wisdom that underpins her work for the good of the client. I found her fun, very intelligent and gained tremendously from her ongoing and respectful support. If you want results and are ready for change, Emily is the person for you.
— Wendy
I had the privilege of coaching with Emily. She made it so easy for me to open up and realize the areas in my life that I could improve upon. I was able to see my goals and I started working towards them with a clear vision. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking to grow on their natural potential to work with Emily. I now focus on my passion in music and have room for my side business and second career in telecommunications. Thank you, Emily!
— Eric
Emily provides new ways of knowing yourself. Secure comfortable space and conversation with new skills to help with specific challenges. Thank you!
— Nicole
Emily is an amazing coach! Our coaching sessions have allowed me to recognize my strengths as a leader, both personally and professionally, and put them into practice. I feel empowered and inspired to continue along the path of personal growth.
— Heather